Karen 14 years old
With Bill De Angelis and Tim Webster
Bob Hope Tour
Channel Ten publicity shot
Good advice from Don Lane
Black and white 10 x 8 used in the 90's
My Mullet and Shoulder Pad Phase
Karen with Tommy Tycho, Ken Laing and Patricia Watson
Press photo with South Pacific Song Contest Awards
Mr Sedaka, a great act and song writer
Cover story for On Being
A very posed 10 x 8 shot
Karen with John Rowles
Photo shoot for 25th Anniversary Show
Photo Shoot for 25th Anniversary Show
With my first Mo Award
Backstage at Patsy Cline Tribute
With Bettine and Kim on the QE2
Backing Singers Sally, Steve and Debbie
Karen's CD - Here to Eternity
CD Back
Trevor and Karen with Darren Williams
My first album launch
My beautiful family circa 1987
Aboard the QE2 with Greg Evans
With dear friends Molly and Peter Kukura
With Bruce Gyngell, Bill De Angelis and Tim Webster
Karen with her concert band
Streisand Tribute Poster
On my wedding day with Trevor
Backstage with String Fever, Peter Toohey and Brett Thomas
Good friends and a great act!
Aboard the Crystal Symphony
Backstage with Marty Hill
Pacific Princess Orchestra with Dan Styne
Mo Presentation with Tommy Tycho & Geoff Harvey
Cabaret In Europe
With Tina and Sybil at the 2006 Ace Awards
Backstage with String Fever & Steve Hart
Behind the curtain at Great Fiddles Of Fire
Me with the wonderful Mark Kristian
Backstage with the very funny Will Travel
South Pacific Song Contest Awards
Cruising with Thomas & More and Dave Burke
Karen with fantastic guitarist Bob Howe
Suzie and I with our Mo Awards
Mary & Melinda Schneider with Trev and I at The Mo Awards
Backstage with regular guest Amber Jade
Rick James, Karen, and Russell Jarvis Feb2009
Backstage on The Millennium Dec 09
Mario D'Andrea, Karen, Geoff Hughes
Rhonda, Jerry and Karen aboard the Rhapsody of the Seas
Karen as Fantine in Les Miserables
Publicity for Karen's Production Show
Karen Beckett's latest CD
Karen with Peter James backstage at Jupiters.
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